Dear friends,

I hope you are doing well! On the week of our 2nd birthday, we wanted to say thank you. On May 24, 2020, we launched officially with the goals of sharing Japanese beauty products across the world and helping everyone shine in their own unique way!

Cosme Hunt beta first started by graduating from the SV Beauty accelerator in Silicon Valley in 2018 which is supported by an entrepreneurship school Draper University and IgniteXL. …

Thank you for reading my message last week. Several of you responded with heartwarming messages and I’m so grateful for your support!!

This is the second part of the announcement I wanted to share with you today.

Throughout 2020, the Cosme Hunt team made an enormous effort to curate an even larger variety of products on our platform.

That’s when we started to hear some customers voice some key questions: “Which product should I try first?” and “There are over 200 products on and I don’t know which products will match my skin type. Can you please advise?”


Beauty StartUps That Will Revolutionize Customer Experience

Photo of Beautytech Tokyo Vol.1

Last November 30th In Tokyo, I was thrilled to meet 100 hustlers who are in beauty/fashion/consumers spaces in Japan. This is the second time hosting beautytech Tokyo event after I’ve met Odile Roujol in San Francisco this year and this community she created has been expanding to 12 cities in the world such as NY, LA, Paris, Shanghai etc… Thanks to istyle Inc, we have successfully gathered 100 attendees including startups, founders and investors and here are the speakers we carefully chose for Beautytech Tokyo vol.2!

11 beautytech startups are selected from all over the world

Today, we at Cosme Hunt are very excited to announce that we are selected for SVBeautyTech Accelerator program that is managed by Claire Chang, Founder and Managing Director of igniteXL , partnering with Tim Draper from Draper University to run the program and offer mentorship to the selected high potential early stage startups.

This 3-week immersive program is to begin on June 24th until July 12th 2018 and we are attending as a first batch with 10 other selected startups that have unique and disruptive ideas on how to innovate…

So where should I start? I don’t remember where exactly I found the @BeautyTechSF Community, but it was probably on Instagram or Twitter early in this new year. I was browsing on the internet as usual while working at my workplace, and I think I liked one of photos of @beautyTechSF on Instagram. Ana then soon after one woman, Odile (Founder of @BeautyTechSF ) , immediately texted me and pointed out that my company’s link on my Instagram Profile wasn’t working.

Great storytelling can be your most powerful tool for disseminating your vision. I am lazy to talk about myself even in my first language. However, storytelling will be one of my goals in 2018.

After I posted an article on Cosme Hunt for Japanese readers 3 months ago, I got a chance to be interviewed by 2 different media and gave my talk to the audience 3 times in a month. 5 times in total with just one post! How powerful is writing blogs? …



今回はデザインに関する内容ではなく、私が去年から密かに抱いていた野望についてのブログです。お会いした方には直接伝えているように、今年からサンフランシスコを拠点にJapanese Beauty、日本の美容プラットフォームを立ち上げています。




Cosme Huntの成り立ち -移民の国 カナダ-

June 29 2017, about 1,000 women were invited to Female Founders Conference 2017 hosted by Y Combinator. The conference was hold at Herbst Theater in SF and started with Jessica Livingston talking about being a female founder and Y combinator. Overall I had great encounters with an amazing lineup of speakers. After the sessions, I was asked from some friends about speeches so I am writing up some recap and takeaways from the conference. My friend Gwen Cheni also wrote great summaries of noticeable speakers on her Facebook and let me quote them on my Medium post. …



サンフランシスコに移住して約1年。サンフランシスコ名物のPrideパレードが終わって、先週は個人的にとてもテンションの上がる一週間となりました。なぜかというと、先週はY Combinatorが世界中の女性起業家のためだけのプライベートカンファレンスを主催した週で、運よくそのカンファレンスへ招待されたのと、更にその翌日に行われるYC Alumniによる個別メンタリングプログラムに通過したからです。


Chloe Takahashi

Founder of @CosmeHunt / Tweeting @Chloe_takahashi 💄💄

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